Superfast Street

Would your community benefit from Virgin Media?

Virgin Media are responding to demand when deciding where to build next, so make sure you register your interest on their 'cable my street' page so that your area is considered to receive their 'Supercharged Services'



Not spot?' Use your code with Satellite broadband

Sub 2 Mbps? Satellite Internet, an approved BDUK supplier, could provide access to faster broadband in no time! Read more here and apply for a subsidy code here

community partnership

BTs Community Fibre Partnerships now forms part of the subsidy scheme

Eligible businesses and residents can use their subsidy codes with BT to contribute towards the cost of a community fibre solution. Find out more about the subsidy, and other available providers here

sfbb is here

Project Update - Week ending 26th August 2016

Information on the latest areas covered by the Lincolnshire Broadband Programme.