Case studies

Artsgraphica Ltd – Lincoln

Release date: 6th February 2014


In April 2012 through the Onlincolnshire programme, Lincoln based digital agency Artsgraphica, working with business consultant Richard Lukey from CDI Alliance, undertook a review of the business. The objective was to consider how the business would develop over the next two years and agree an action plan to make it happen.



Working with managing director, Daniel Westlake and his team over four half day sessions each two weeks apart, a clear picture of how the business would look in 2014 evolved. From this, four key projects were identified that would deliver the team's vision.



The team were quick to respond to the action plan, indeed almost three quarters of the way into the project and many of the planned changes have been made and were making a difference. As often happens when planning for the future in a fast moving technological landscape, new opportunities have arisen but Daniel confirms that the basic strategy for growth has helped Artsgraphica to grow.



Daniel said, "Richard has the advantage of providing a fresh pair of eyes when looking at business and this helped us to challenge presumptions we had worked with before. The timing was perfect as we were quiet around the Olympics last year, the business was able to quickly implement a number of key technological and strategic developments that came out of the meetings. I feel that the sessions were very worthwhile and Richard's input has helped us to look past current work to more strategic issues. This long term focus has helped us increase profitability and has put the business on a strong foundation for future growth"

The Onlincolnshire project is a great opportunity for business collaboration and growth, allowing three or four smaller businesses to pool their skills and bid for larger contracts, helping the Lincolnshire economy to grow.

You can find out more about Artsgraphica at, by calling 01522 534344 or by following @artsgraphica on Twitter