Case studies

Belchford Wired Up Event, September 2012

Release date: 16th May 2014

The Onlincolncolnshire team set up the 'Digtial Pitstop' at the 2012 Belchford Downhill Challenge to help bring digital technology to the masses.

Belchford Wired-up Event

The Belchford Downhill Race event is held every year in the Wolds village of Belchford, near Horncastle. Nearly 3,000 spectators come to see 50 carts speeding from the top of Belchford Hill, powered only by gravity, to see who can negotiate the course and reach the bottom in the fastest time.

The digital elements being demonstrated were chosen to enhance the visitor experience and interaction through the use of technology to showcase the opportunities available with faster broadband. This was delivered through applications such as tablet computers using content display interaction applications, with tiny Go Pro cameras attached to drivers and soapbox carts, and hand held cameras.

By using this technology visitors had the chance to view footage of the races throughout the day in the 'Digital Pitstop' marquee as well as the interactive leader board. Footage taken in the paddock at the top of the hill along was also shown, as well as interviews with drivers, mechanics and organisers. This gave those visitors unable to access the vantage point at the top of the hill a chance to be involved in the “action”.

For those unable to come along to the event, we connected to the internet via a mobile wireless dongle and a WiBE (Wireless Broadband Extender) and we were then able to interact with a wider audience by utilising tools such as social media. By posting instant messages, pictures and videos we created an “online buzz” about the event with the Tweetreach report displaying an impressive reach of over half a million 'impressions' by the end of the event. ('Impressions' are the total quantity of all tweets appearing in all timelines visible to the users reached).

Thanks to our partners at Shooting Star PR, the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, student helper Beth Dyson and social media wizards Celia Lacy and John Popham we created a fantastic buzz around the event. Through the event and the technology we managed to communicate “the onlincolnshire campaign” to thousands of people who are now aware of the aspiration to bring better broadband to Lincolnshire.

You can see more of the images on the Belchford event's facebook page. You can also catch up with more video from the event on the Onlincolnshire Youtube channel.