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Linking Up to a Digital Form of Networking

Release date: 25th March 2015

Repeat Signage

Networking is a really valuable way for business owners to build connections, expand their knowledge, gain new clients and tell others about their product or service.

Linda Adams, Director of Repeat Software Ltd – producers of digital signage software which helps organisations to promote their products and services in a visually engaging way – is a huge advocate of networking and has attended a number of events organised by onlincolnshire.

“I find networking extremely useful and it is a vital part of my business development strategy,” explained Linda. “I often meet people I wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to talk to who could potentially become a new client or business partner.”

During a Boston Technology Hub event in the Enterprise Zone at Boston College, Linda seized the opportunity to talk to onlincolnshire business consultant Malcolm Warrington and express her interest in social media and its possible benefits to her business.

As a result Malcolm invited Linda to attend a fully funded LinkedIn workshop led by social media consultant Paul Wilson.

Prior to attending the workshop Linda had set up a profile for Repeat Software, but owing to her limited knowledge of LinkedIn it displayed very little information about the company and no case studies or client testimonials.

“The masterclass has vastly improved my knowledge and understanding of LinkedIn,” said Linda. “Paul was fantastic at helping me to understand what I needed to do to develop an effective profile for my business.

“To my surprise many of the tips I was given seemed very simple and obvious. But without Paul’s knowledge boost, I wouldn’t have been able to figure certain things out on my own and may possibly still be struggling with it today!

“One of the instant benefits I discovered with LinkedIn was the advance search tool. It allowed me to connect and network with other companies just as I would at an event, but instead via a computer.

“For example, it enabled me to get in touch with a software company that provided me with contact details for Scottish and European business directors who will find my business useful.”

In addition to signing up to 12 hours of free business support with onlincolnshire, Linda also received opportunities to raise the profile of Repeat Software and its products to businesses at the launch of the Mablethorpe Technology Hub and the Lincolnshire Digital Conference.

Linda is now putting what she has learnt to good use and is working on a revised LinkedIn strategy using the advice and tips she received during her onlincolnshire training session.

“I will definitely recommend people sign up to the onlincolnshire workshops,” concluded Linda. “Social media is here to stay, so businesses have got to make the most of it.”

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