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Remote Working Reaps Rewards for IT Company

Release date: 23rd June 2015

Octagon Technology

Octagon Technology Ltd supports and manages IT networks for businesses and organisations across Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. Staff provide business-focused on-site and remote support and are experienced in a wide range of computer programmes.

Thanks to Lincolnshire County Council’s onlincolnshire project, which is part-funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Octagon Technology and its customers are able to take advantage of superfast broadband which supports remote working in a variety of settings.

Clive Catton, Technical Director at Octagon Technology Ltd, said: “Changes in technology and staff attitudes are driving major transformation in the workplace, especially with regard to staff working from home rather than in a traditional office setting.”

Clive believes that offering remote working increases job satisfaction and creates a happier and healthier environment for staff. He said: “Employees who work from a home office environment find it easier to keep a good work-life balance, which increases morale and reduces staff turnover.

“Superfast broadband means we can access the cloud from anywhere; it’s a reliable solution to our expanding business needs and those of our customers.”

After 20 years of trading, and following a period of substantial growth, Octagon Technology has taken on extra staff to deal with an upsurge in business, a move which has been relatively painless, as the new staff are working remotely.

Diana Catton, Managing Director at Octagon Technology Ltd, said: “We had an office for seven years but when cable broadband became available in 2008 we went fully remote. Now we have superfast broadband it is easier for new starters to work from home and for us to manage and maintain the business from wherever, whenever.

“Some of our services can be delivered remotely; superfast broadband enables us to gain clients across the country and react to their needs just as quickly as the companies based locally to them.”

Kamila Zolotar, Assistant to the Managing Director, has worked for the company since November 2014. As a mother of one she joined the business after graduating from university. She said: “Remote working suits my needs really well; I avoid travelling and spend more time with my family, but also I believe that it works well for the company too.

“In today’s business world, both employees and employers may need to work more hours from time to time or even conduct their tasks on the road, on a train or in the local café. Utilising cloud computing and hosted services saves money too, reducing office costs such as power, heat and supplies.”

Kamila concluded: “Remote working is an excellent way to expand a business. With the right planning, organisation, staff support and IT it has great benefits for both employer and employees.”

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