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Social Media Sparks Business Confidence

Release date: 16th December 2014

N2 Enterprises

N2 Enterprises attended a number of free workshops run by onlincolnshire to help them make better use of the internet and give their online presence a much needed boost.

Established in August 2013, the risk management and fire safety company is run by two directors, Neil Woodmansey and Neil Fritzsche, who between them they have over 65 years’ experience in the fire service. The two-man band are dedicated fire safety training specialists committed to delivering their services to a diverse range of customers from private businesses to public sector organisations. 

Neil Fritzsche said: “The onlincolnshire workshops were extremely useful and a great insight into areas of online marketing that I was never aware of.

“Before attending the sessions I didn’t have a clue about Google rankings and the importance of regularly updating the company website.

Since attending the onlincolnshire masterclasses N2 Enterprises has rejuvenated its website with a fresh new look, added a blog section and started using content management system (CMS) WordPress which enables them to post regular updates.

The company has also changed its approach to email marketing and started using MailChimp, an email marketing service, to send promotional material and newsletters to its target audience. One of the benefits of using a service like Mailchimp is that it tracks and reports the progress of what has been sent out.

N2 Enterprises sent an email campaign to 250 recipients and according to its progress report from MailChimp, the email received an open rate of 12.3%, not far off the education and training industry open rate average of 15.3%.

Social media was a fairly new concept to N2 Enterprises, however the workshops helped the directors to understand the benefits it can offer businesses.

“The sessions were very helpful in explaining how businesses like ours can take advantage of social media and we’ve since created a Twitter and YouTube account.” said Neil Fritzsche.

“We are still in the early stages of using them, but I am sure by attending more social media surgeries my confidence will grow and I’ll be able to build up a bigger audience.”

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For more information about the onlincolnshire masterclasses and social media surgeries please visit our events page.