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Superfast Solves Family Feud in Deeping St Nicholas

Release date: 20th May 2015

Part of onlincolnshire’s remit is to raise awareness of superfast broadband to encourage more people to sign up to take advantage of the significant benefits it offers.

Jonathan Kamminga, who works for a large multi-national computer company from his home in Deeping St Nicholas, has recently signed up to the service and is amazed at the difference it’s made to his work and family life.

“As part of my job I look after my companies pre-sale teams across Europe so I need constant access to the internet which, in the past, has caused some arguments,” explained Jonathan.

“My children, it seems, also need constant access to the internet but if I was online no-one else in the house could be as it really slowed the service down to the point where it was almost unusable!

“They were just doing the normal things kids these days do - chatting with their friends on social media and watching Sky Go and BBC iPlayer - but streaming content via the laptop and the iPad was taking up more and more of the bandwidth.

“Working from home I regularly upload and download large files and take part in conference calls using VOIP (Voice Over IP) so a reliable broadband connection is essential.

“Since signing up to superfast broadband, however, our home life has become much more harmonious as I don’t have to restrict anyone else’s access to the internet any more! In terms of speed it’s nearly five times faster which is almost inconceivable!

“We live in Deeping St Nicolas which is pretty rural so we can’t get cable; we are reliant on telephone lines and 8Mbps was the fastest we could get on a telephone line previously.
Now, thanks to superfast, we can get 40 Mbps so it’s a massive improvement although still not as fast as I would like.

“However, it has allowed us to behave differently as multiple people can use the internet at the same time without clogging up the bandwidth.

“If I was downloading a film before it took ages as the download speed was just 0.8 Mbps but now it’s 4.5 Mbps. I had expected it to be three or four times faster but for it to be five times faster is a bonus!”

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