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Tweeting for Success

Release date: 9th October 2014

Aw Repair Group

With over 250 million monthly active users generating more than 500 million tweets on a daily basis, Twitter is a great platform for interaction and communication.

Twitter has become an essential tool for businesses by helping them to build communities and engage with their target audiences.

AW Repair Group, which specialises in motor accident repairs, attended a free Internet Marketing Masterclass run by onlincolnshire to gain advice on how to make better use of its presence on Twitter and in particular increase followers and interaction with potential clients.

Established in 1998, AW Repair Group prides itself on being more than just a bodyshop, offering a range of other solutions for motorists’ needs including vehicle servicing, fleet services, interior trim and screen repairs and while-you-wait express repairs to dents and scuffs, just to name a few.

Spread across three sites in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire, it is approved to carry out repairs for many car manufacturers such as Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar and Audi.

Jade Johnson, who manages business development, marketing and communication for AW Repair Group, said: “We wanted to branch out and explore how Twitter could help us to network with other businesses.

“Introducing the use of hashtags, creating targeted lists and engaging in more direct communication with followers has increased the level of interaction with our target audience.
“The tips and advice from the free onlincolnshire support sessions have been really effective in raising the company's profile and given the team a social media confidence boost!”

AW Repair Group joined Twitter in 2011. Over the past three years it has managed to gain over 800 followers. Since attending the free onlincolnshire masterclass it has seen a boost in new followers in a short space of time, growing from 873 followers at the start of July to almost a 1000 at the beginning of October.

A survey conducted by Twitter confirms its importance as a relationship building tool for businesses, with 72 per cent of users agreeing that they are more likely to make a future purchase from small to medium businesses after following or interacting with them on Twitter.

Furthermore 86 per cent of users are more likely to visit a small to medium business if a friend recommends them. This suggests that followers can easily turn into customers and they can also create more customers for businesses.

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