3D motion capture

Motion capture spot technology gives a working 3D image of an action in motion such as a batting stroke or running.  This can be used for analysis to improve an athlete’s game.  It is being offered by the onlincolnshire Technology Hub in partnership with the University of Lincoln.

How it works

It works by placing small spherical markers on different parts of the participant’s body, while multiple cameras emit an infrared light which reflects off the markers back to an 11-camera motion capture system.  Those cameras record the motion of those markers alone, allowing the movements to be relayed back in real time as an action is performed.  The cameras track at up to 2000 pictures/second and then create a 3D stick figure.

The 11-camera motion capture system is provided by the University of Lincoln’s School of Sports and Exercise Science and offered through the Louth Technology Hub.  A graduate has been taken on to work with businesses interested in taking advantage of the spot technology.

Further information can be found in the following document:

3D motion capture 354.26KB PDF document