Case studies

From a Penny Farthing to a Ferrari

Release date: 20th June 2014

We caught up with local residents Simon and Kim Ellis on how superfast broadband connection had made a difference to their lives in Fishtoft, Boston. 

Living in a very remote part of Lincolnshire, Simon referred to life without superfast broadband as “it just seemed like everything was moving on and we were stuck with super slow connection. “

Simon said: “It became more and more frustrating even though we had tried an upgrade, it still wasn’t what we wanted.

“We heard about AB’s Essential Broadband service and having contacted the team, we were soon dealing with (Director) Neil Tucker who quickly put us as ease that they could help.”

AB Aerial

Delivering their service by a wireless connection, AB installed a small antenna on the Ellis’ home and the family were getting superfast speeds.

So excited about having superfast in their home, Simon’s wife tricked him by saying it didn’t work — but it did, and it gave them broadband speeds that they could only previously dream about.

“We have family who live away so to use Skype, to talk to them and see them is amazing. We are both online gamers so to have the ping times that we have is incredible,” Simon said.

“We can connect with people all over the world now in an instant and no longer feel left behind when people talk about things like Sky ‘On Demand’ – we have access to it all.

“It really is like going from owning a Penny Farthing to a Ferrari.”

Simon and Kim are enthusiasts of superfast broadband as are many living in rural Lincolnshire who have recently discovered the benefits of faster internet connection thanks to the Onlincolnshire superfast broadband rollout programme, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Superfast broadband is currently rolling its way across the County; find out how you too can become superfast enabled by texting ‘superfast’ to 60070, by registering on line at or by calling AB’s customer team on 0800 9520080.