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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am aware that, systems are in place for people like myself that live in the country side to get other alternatives, for better internet, but to be truthfully honest, you seem to be on cloud 9 when putting out this information in the email with a code attached, to people like myself. I have looked at the systems that they have, and spoke to a few of the company's. They all say that the only way for me to get internet to my house is via Satellite and this would cost on average £80 a month to get the speeds and download caps that we need.
I appreciate that you have found other alternative solutions to the problem, and that you are funding the install cost, but to expect someone that has decided to live in the country to have a healthier and safer life style, and pay over double what you would pay in a town or village is an absolute disgrace.
Now I know of plenty of villages that get between 5mb-10mb copper and you put them in for planning to get fibre, why not leave them till last like you do with us in the country and maybe look to giving us Gfast or FTTP out here.
For openreach the cost of laying fibre is cheaper than copper and when they replace the copper with fibre they could recover the copper and make money back.
So please tell me why this is happening in the modern age.
Or is it the fact that we in the country are not worth the time and effort as it would not make them money.
Good Morning Gary,

Thank you for taking time to write to us.

The alternative solutions that are proposed were agreed between the Government and BDUK and whilst we may not agree with some or all of them ourselves, we are nevertheless in a position where those are the alternatives.

You mention providing FTTP or G.Fast in community.

There is a very good reason we haven't deployed FTTP and that is cost. Whilst I accept that fibre cable is very cheap these days, it is the cost of civils build that inhibits this route. On Greenfield sites it is a simple process, but in Brownfield sites, much more complex and therefore expensive.

G.Fast is still at an experimental stage with BT and is not currently a contractually agreed solution.

As we move into a 'Third' phase of the programme, we are looking at all options for those not yet fibre enabled and will announce more plans shortly.

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