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Contract for 24+Mbps broadband signed

It is good to see that the contract for the planned roll out of super-fast Broadband in our County has now been signed off.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Bryn and the team on reaching stage 1. I know it has been very frustrating, and hold ups like EU Competition permissions for Public Sector support is like working with treacle. Anyway stage one has now been reached.

As the FTTC/FTTP roll out commences and different areas/exchanges are upgraded, I expect the tone of the forum discussions will then change. With the forum discussions over the last 2 years, I expect to see the following change in tone - (a) when exchanges are FTTCed, I expect to see the lack of common politeness in thanking the OnlineLincs team for their efforts; (b) the second will be the moaning, and lack of effort on the poster's part, to do anything about looking for alternatives to faster broadband (like wireless of satellite). My impression was they liked to sit on their hands and complain expecting to be spoon fed. (c) the new tone of the posters will move to "why not my exchange" as the roll out occurs for the next 12 months.

I expect the Online Lincolnshire super-fast broadband team are ecstatic at finally reaching the point when the roll out will start and things then happen. Unfortunately in a large county like ours, with many small exchanges, this will take time. I applaud the teams efforts and hope the supplier can successfully roll out the FTTC faster than the 2+ year plan.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jenny, Bryn and the team. When complete I am sure Lincolnshire can look forwards to some interesting Business applications, including new methods of small scale manufacture like 3D printing.

John Clark
i fail to see how we can congratulate on certain aspects they have openly wasted money on upgrading exchanges/cabinets which already offer 20meg + speeds for instance skegness, wainfleet and the list could go on, I was under the impression the grant from the bduk was for echanges/cabinets which wouldnt normally get done by bt due to the financial side but it seems again that the 90% super fast coverage includes a) places already done which have adsl2+ and the 2meg people, im in the 2 meg and was told by them,today that i would see a small increase in my speed i already get 4 meg, wireless isnt a option due to no high buildings satelite is so expensive per month that offering it in todays climate is a serious failure, promising the company who supplies it they will get more customers and offering to those who want faster broadband the option of 70+gbp per month for it.

There has to be some accountability towards how they have selected the areas and even more so selecting areas already 90% faster than most of lincolnshire, to me this is a failure and a disgrace promising so much and delivering so little typical council im afraid.
I am a bit disappointed that the project has slipped into 2016- there seemed to be very little movement in the past year at least publicly.

I agree with Tim that we need to have some reasoning behind how areas were selected- maps can only highlight so much after all.
When Lincolnshire County Council was in the process of issuing their Invitation to Tender, they were involved in lengthy discussion with potential bidders.

It was apparent from those discussions that, in order for Lincolnshire, as a whole, to obtain the best levels of overall broadband coverage, the most advantageous strategy was to allow the chosen supplier to deploy across the county in a manner that utilised the best engineered and most commercially sound solution.

Lincolnshire, along with all other counties in the BDUK Framework, had a defined amount of money to invest in this infrastructure and it was decided that if we were to get involved and dictate locations and timings to the chosen supplier, we would arrive at a solution that would fall well short of what we now have to look forward to.

This is clearly disappointing to those that will benefit towards the latter end of the programme, but it is also worth mentioning that a number of other solutions, including fixed wireless, are coming on stream and we are confident that Lincolnshire will see significant improvements in broadband coverage over and above what was generally expected when we embarked upon the contract procurement exercise.
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