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ABInternet Range

I have been actively seeking better broadband for a month now. My current speeds are 1Mb Download and 0.3Mb Upload, which are dreadful. I came across this site a few days ago and subsequently discovered ABInternet.

From what I have seen and been told on their website, it seems great! symmetrical 10Mb speeds for only £30! which is cheaper for what I am paying now.

It all seems too good to be true!

Firstly, has anyone here had any experience with ABInternet?

Also, I used the coverage checker on ABInternet's site and I am only 12km away from the nearest site. What kind of speeds can I expect at this distance? I checked on Google maps and there isn't too much in the way, but I would just like to know what I would realistically get.


Hi James,

I've been in a similar situation to you for some time now. I have gone down the route of contacting four Wireless ISP's to try and ascertain whether I could receive a signal at my property.

Using their websites, coverage checkers and Google maps I thought I would be within range for all that I contacted. However, I am yet to have success.

Two enquiries have failed on a site survey at my property and the other two were not successful when the coverage information was checked on the companies' systems. If I remember correctly, the AB internet enquiry stated I was 10-11km away from the nearest mast but unfortunately they could not detect it's signal at my property; maybe you will be more successful than me.

I am now in the process of talking to Quickline on behalf of my community and our local pub to see if we can get some sort of Fixed Wireless connection to our area, seeing as though we live in the West Lindsey district and they are planning to roll out these services to local village halls.

Fingers crossed!
Hi Guys,
Many thanks for taking the trouble to look at AB Internet's coverage and consider us as a service provider. You have probably heard about the great news regarding what we are doing in conjunction with Lincolnshire County Council, if not, you can see it here.

Whilst I am not sure how this affects you directly, (you may be in different areas of the county) you can rest assured that if you're not 'on net' right now, our plans for Lincolnshire as a whole will see your needs addressed very very soon.

Regarding your specific questions, 12km or so is eminently 'do-able' with our technology and our 10Mb Essential Broadband Service has been successfully deployed all over the UK at those sort of ranges. Obviously this has line of sight considerations, but with a dense network of PoPs that we are building, if you cant see one, you'll see the other.

We are very proud of the fact that our customers are in some of the most remote parts of the UK and yet they get speeds (and ping times) even faster than some cities in the UK! Take a look here, this customer is about 9km from our nearest PoP

All I would say to anybody considering signing up for any contract now with a service provider in Lincolnshire (out of sheer frustration) just hold fire a little longer. LCC is doing some really wonderful stuff with AB Internet and British Telecom and real choice, speed and value is being built right now and is literally just round the corner for you.

Now for a shameless plug, if you haven't already, give us a call on 01522 821111 and get your name down (if you haven't done so already) being the first surfer on a new wave, often has benefits ;-)

Good luck

Neil Tucker
Sales & Marketing Director
AB Internet
Many thanks for your input guys!

Neil, just a quick question. It says were are in range on the coverage checker, but to make sure there is no LoS issues, will someone from ABInternet have to come out to check?

Hi James,

we used to drive out, survey, drive back, then drive out again and install. But when your customer is an hour north of Edinburgh, you have to make your process as efficient as possible :-)
This is why we developed the coverage map. Its unique in that its not a marketing 'splodge' on the map but a genuine propagation plot and 'proper' engineering tool. When we take an order, we do the same check you do online, then, advise the customer of service availability, (who elects a go/no go) we then come out and test, prove and install all in one go.
Hope this helps.
#6 other thing, we've just joined the Twitter world, follow us there for the latest updates too, follow @abinternetltd

Best regards

Neil Tucker
AB Internet
Neil ive just done the checker and it says im in range for your Dedicated Internet Access but it supplies no prices or any further information can you tell us prices etc please
Hi Neil,

Good to hear from you. I did request that my details are kept on your system just in case anything happens to come up in my area in the near future.

I live in Newtoft and while it's great to see all these new suppliers popping up all around Lincolnshire, we seem to be in a bit of a Bermuda Triangle here as far as Fixed Wireless signals go. Either the signal is just out of reach or there is something significant blocking the LoS.

Hopefully good quality services that are good value are just around the corner as you say. In the mean time I'll continue to keep an eye on developments.
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