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NOT Fast broadband Franklin drive

I am getting 15 mb on bt infinity (for 41.50) .Anybody now when new street cabinet will be on Franklin Drive in Spalding .Currently we are connected to 31 .why not to 51 witch is 200m from my house ...................disappointing
Good Afternoon Pawel,

Thank you for taking time to write to us.

Having checked our project plan, we note that Cabinet 31 Spalding isn't a part of our planned implementation. On that basis and given that you are already connected to BT Infinity, we assume that this cabinet was previously upgraded under BT's Commercial Rollout and therefore, there are no plans within our project to do any further work on Cabinet 31.

However, we note that Cabinet 51 is indeed a part of our project plan and is currently being upgraded. In terms of your question regarding why can't you be connected to Cabinet 51; without looking at it, I cannot accurately answer your question, but my experience tells me that although you may be closer to 51, there will be no physical cable link between that cabinet and your home. Having said that, it may be worth speaking with BT to see if there is anything additional they can do for you.

Kind Regards,

Steve Brookes
Lincolnshire Broadband Programme Manager
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