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FTTE Connections in Sutton on Sea Exchange

I placed an order for BT infinity and my order was initially accepted on the 4th of February. On the 9th Feb 2015 I was told that infinity was not nor ever will be available to me. After further inquiries I found that because my lines (2 of them) come from the exchange BT was unable to connect me because there is no cabinet for myself and 12 others who come from the same telegraph pole. From the 12, Eight of the lines go to Business's, including the only registered Computer Repair business in Sutton on Sea. I am also Chairman of a Computer User group in Sutton on Sea (Est 1998) where I teach Silver Surfers how to use the internet, and how to connect their new fiber broadband routers.
I have been a customer of BT since 1996 for both dial up and broadband services. I feel really let down by the fact that I have to wait for infinity.

May I suggest, if possible, that a cabinet be installed within the Exchange building and connect all those people to a cabinet rather than direct to the exchange. I feel confident that many FTTE customers would appreciate the extra work involved in this upgrade.

It would be nice to receive your comments please

Howard L Hall
Chairman Plugit (Peoples Leisure User Group IT.) and
Owner of
Good Morning Howard,

Thanks for taking time to write in.

We are due to carry out some work on Exchange Only (EO) lines later on in this project. Work is schedlued between April 30th and September 30th an das we get into early April, we should get a clearer view of when you can expect to see this work completed.
Please do keep in touch and we will be happy to update you as we progress.

Is there any more news about an upgrade to fiber on the Sutton on Sea exchange.
Good Morning Howard,

All cabinets within the programme for Sutton On Sea are complete and Exchange Only (EO) lines are still scheduled to be completed by 30th September. At this point, I don't have a more accurate completion date, but should know more as we move into late July.

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