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Old Leake cabinet 2

Phase 4 finish date has now been and gone with no Old Leake cabinets or exchange enabled.
Has anyone got any idea when Old Leake cabinet 2 will be enabled. Also can anyone tell me where cabinet 2 is located
thank you
cliff goldsmith
Good Morning Cliff,

Cabinet 2 doesn't appear in this programme of work. You have previously enquired about Cabinet 4 which I believe we responded to.

Cabinets 1,3,4 & 6 are still being worked upon are are nearing completion.

Hi there steve,
Sorry about any confusion.
When I first checked the cabinet with my phone number it was showing i was on cabinet 4. now it tells me i am on cabinet 2, that is why i have reposted.
Is there any news on when cabinets 2 and 5 will be enabled. If so is there any reason that they are not included in the phase 4 roll out along with cabinets 1,3,4 & 6
Thank You once again,
Cliff Goldsmith
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