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Withern Cabinet 4

I live in LN13 0JN area, which I understand is served by Withern exchange cabinet 4. When I look at the BT status for fibre broadband, it has changed from 'coming soon' to 'under review' The weekly updates have shown cabinet 4 as RFS for the last 2 weeks. I don't know the physical location of cabinet 4, but I think that I'm a fair distance from it. Is it possible to tell at this stage, if I stand any chance of obtaining faster broadband, or do I need to look elsewhere for a faster connection (Wireless Broadband is available in my area)

Until recently I could tolerate the ADSL speed available to me, which was fairly reliable at around 1.8Mbps, with the occasional drop out. My partner changed jobs recently, and sometimes works from home, which was placed more importance on our broadband connection. It would be helpful to know sooner, rather than later, if I stand any chance of being able to upgrade, once the cabinet that I'm connected to is available.
Good Morning Andrew, This cabinet has now gone 'Live' but it looks as though you are located too far away from the upgraded cabinet to derive any benefit. That said, we are aware that some premises do have this problem and we will be looking at them as we move into a secondary phase to see if we can help in any way. Regards steve
Just a word of caution Andrew. Although you are in a wireless enabled area (AB Internet I assume), that doesn't necessarily mean you can get it. I live in LN13 0JG served by Withern Cab 3, and like you are too far away from the cabinet to gain any advantage from the recent upgrades. I have had AB Internet to my property in Beesby, only to find that they cannot provide their service due to no line of sight to the masts.

Steve, thanks for the update. I did call BT when the Cabinet was declared live this week, only to be told that they had no date available for Fibre Broadband activation in my area, but I should be able to receive some form of service, once the cabinet was enabled - rather misleading! It's good to get accurate information from this forum.

Jon, thanks for the information. It was AB Internet that I had in mind. I guess it's worth going through the survey process, to see if they can offer anything, but it sounds as though I will have to wait to see if the secondary phase will make anything available.


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