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moving to Tattershall area......

Please can someone update me what the situation is in tattershall bridge road area..LN4 4JH etc.
we are in process of buying in area but am unsure of prospects for future...been told speed is currently 2mbps. also told there was a duct put under the river yet the area seems to be on billinghay exchange - dont know where cabinet is yet. Yet to receive the Property information form from the sellers and though dont think it would be a deal breaker it does concern me.

we are retired but use internet a lot, though dont stream much in the way of movies (yet!) but would hope for reasonable speeds for using cloud storage etc. Used to virgin superfast at the moment!!
any advice or info appreciated. thanks
Good Afternoon Richard

The postcode you have provided is fed via Coningsby Exchange and from Cabinet 2. This cabinet has previously been upgraded, but I can see that you do not benefit from this work.

Unfortunately, there are no current plans to further upgrade this cabinet, but it is worth checking our website from time to time as this may well change.


Thankyou steve.
can you give any info as to current speeds to/from this cabinet? what was the upgrade that was done? FTTC but then just copperwire FTTP? What is meant by further upgrade?
also what reasons are there that there are no current plans? lack of interest from current residents? im not sure how many residents there are.
PS to my first reply!
where is cabinet 2 and its distance from LN4 4JH?

you say that the postcode is on coningsby exchange yet the BT Broadband checker for the address is saying Billinghay. which is correct?
unfortunately i do not yet have a phone number to do more accurate check on th BT website.

Good Morning Richard,

Current speeds at that postcode are floating around 2Mb/s.
The cabinet was upgraded via FTTC technology which is the standard technology we are deploying under this project. One of the limitations of this technology is distance of the end user from the cabinet.
Further upgrade refers to options we have under a second phase of the programme to try to get fibre further out into the infrastructure. There are many factors that affect the decisions made under this second phase and we are still working on the final plan.
Cabinet 2 off Coningsby is located at on Sleaford Road in Tattershall.
With reference to the discrepency between what we are seeing, without a full address, I can only work to the postcode which isn't the best method.
If you can provide me with the full address (in confidence) to my E Mail below, I can do a bit more digging.

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