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Billingborough - Fibre Optic?


Our parish council gleefully announced a while back that fibre optic had come to Billlingborough, great news!.....however now it seems having waited patiently this isn't by any means for all of Billingborough

I live in a flat on Grosvenor Road and suffer from rubbish broadband (less than 4 meg) through BT, I can get by but it's not great. After delving deeper I find my property is serviced through cabinet 6 (I think) and thus far there appears to be no fibre optic planned for that cabinet?

I know households less than 1/2 a Mike away who now have super fast broadband but I still can't get it

How is it that houses in the same village get different service levels, will cabinet 6 ever get fibre optic, why hasn't it, or am I (and people near me) able to somehow switch to another cabinet (sorry I've no idea how this works)

It's all very confusing and frustrating, any advice would be welcome, I'm happy to share my postcode and tel number if that held narrow it down

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