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Brooklands New Build Gainsborough

Good evening all.

I currently live in Willoughton and have been enjoying infinity now for about 8 months without any issues as such.

Anyway my wife and myself are looking to buy a house in the new brooklands development in gainsborough, well its right on the edge.

During the look around stages and other bits I enquired about the internet and was informed that, unlike other new builds, they hadnt had ANY complaints about the broadband on this estate.

We have now had our mortgage approved and I've got our postcode and house number and done a search for superfast and it informs me that I cant get it. I can however get regular broadband with a max speed of 4mb!!!

How is this even feasible that in a tiny little village in the middle of nowhere I am hitting 28 mb and yet I cant get it when moving to town?

I even asked the housing people during all our discussions about broadband and made a joke about if the broadband is crap it would be a deal breaker.

Its crap!! my wife has her heart set on this move but I now genuinely dont want to because of this.

All our tv is now streamed, 2 kids on skype and facebook and other stuff and myself doing significant work from home will not cut it anymore when I have to shout upstairs to tell the kids to get off the internet so I can upload a file!!

What cabinet is this estate connected to and when is it going to be changed?
Good Morning Chris,

I would need a full address/postcode etc to establish what exactly is happening and you can send that (in confidence) to my E Mail below.

However, if we haven't already upgraded the feeding cabinet under this programme, then as things stand, we will not be doing so. At this point, any further work in West Lindsey under this programme is on hold.

Additionally, if the development is of a reasonable size, I don't think it would have been unreasonable for the developer to have considered upgrading the broadband as opposed to waiting for others to do it on their behalf. I know both BT and Virgin (where applicable) are keen to work with developers.

Please let me know the address and perhaps I can give you a better idea of what may be happening.

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