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What happens AFTER we get a new cabinet?

Dear OL,

Forgive my ignorance but once BT's Openreach have installed a new cabinet in my daughters village, how do we get BT to connect her house to that new BT cabinet (her phone line is currently connected to a BT cabinet a couple of miles away). Obviously she wants to be connected to the new far nearer cabinet to vastly improve her broadband speeds.

Thank you.


Susan White.
Good Afternoon Susan,

Swapping lines across cabinets isn't something that BT will normally do for you. The re are certain OFCOM guidelines that dictate what they can and can't do, but I will look into this further if you can send me (in confidence) your daughter's address, postcode and landline number to my E Mail address below.

Hi Steve I will have to get her to email you (she's only just moved in and I use her mobile when calling her so I don't know her landline number). If this isn't something BT ordinarily do perhaps she'd have to pay openreach? Or simply request a new phone line entirely? I imagine this issue will be very important to many readers of this forum as whats the point in having a new cabinet in your village if you (and all the other houses in the village) are still connected to the old one several miles away and BT won't connect you to the new cabinet? Regards Susan.
You might find it is like the village I live in. We were originally supplied via another cabinet 3.5km away (next village). OR put a new Fibre cabinet in our village. In our case, the phone lines are still routed like they were and indeed, if I'd ordered ADSL today, I would still get the dire speeds we once had i.e. less than 2mb/s. But ordering fibre, the phone line is routed via the fibre cabinet (I believe they call the connection wires 'jumpers'). Result? I get just a shade under 65mb/s.
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