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Benington via Butterwick exchange


I have been reviewing the latest news on the upgrades, and I can see that the Butterwick exchange is on the list for dates.

As stated on your update...
Your postcode area is currently planned for upgrade in Phase 1 so improved broadband should be available between 1st July 2016 and 31st March 2017 subject to unforeseen delays.

I have just run a further speed test on my broadband, which gave results of download @1.6Mbps and upload of 0.36Maps.

Can you, or your suppliers, give some indication of the likely expected speeds once upgraded?

I know there are several businesses in the area that would benefit greatly from the improvements, but wanted to know what level of improvement is likely around the Pe22 0dz area?


Good Morning Andy,

We will be aiming at a minimum of 24Mb/s, but will not confirm until we have completed the work.

Thank you for the update. Is there any indication of date as until March 2017 is a long period.
Good Morning Andrew,

I will ask BT for more detail on the actual deployment and as soon as it lands, I will let you know.

Did you get an update on dates for this?
It seems to have all gone a little quiet. Any updates for me please?
Good Evening chaps. My wife and I are currently relocating our business to the area served by the Butterwick exchange and would appreciate any info that you have as to what the latest situation is. We are planning to be in our new home from 01/09/2016 and are pretty desperate to get a fast internet service. We own a publishing and author support business and regularly transmit full length manuscripts to and from our customer clients spread far and wide. Thanks in advance for any info. you can share.
Good Morning Brian,

Thanks for taking time to write in.

Can you please send me your new address and postcode (in confidence) to my E Mail address below and this will enable me to give a more accurate response.

Still no update on expected dates?
Good Morning Andrew,

The area is due to be upgraded in the first deployment stage of this secondary project. In other words, it should be completed by 31st December.

however, BT are pushing hard to complete well before that date and we could well see this completed in early October. As soon as we get the completion, we will update the website and we normally do this on a Friday afternoon.

Thanks Steve, that's good news as I am aware that the new community hub in the Benington church is looking to move forward with that project too.
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