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Irby in the Marsh has 78 homes

Dear OL, please note Irby in the Marsh has 78 homes spread over 6 postcodes (I have a file with all 78 addresses if required). This means the village is larger than many villages that have had a new/upgraded cabinet installed by OL. The village remains on well under 2mbps and is connected to a BT cabinet miles away. That cabinet has been upgraded but because of the distance to the village, we have had no benefit whatsoever and our speed remains well below 2mbps. Many residents responded to the gainshare exercise, but we've had no news. All villages/towns around our village have been upgraded or will be in phase 2. When we see smaller villages getting upgrades whilst we remain in the dark ages (broadband speed wise!) it is worrying! Please investigate and advise. Many thanks DM.
Good afternoon Duncan

Thank you for your message. We are aware that this area has low broadband speeds and will do our best to provide uplift here before the end of the programme.

Contract two looks to increase coverage of superfast broadband to up to 95% of Lincolnshire and we have now put forward a third intervention area based on the recent gainshare exercise - this is a commercially sensitive document as internet service providers shared information about their coverage with us, as well as residents in Lincolnshire, to help us build a picture of current coverage. Because of the nature of this information we are unable to publish it.

Have you considered alternative technologies? You may be eligible for a subsidy for installation costs for other providers in your speeds are less than 2mbps. AB Internet are a fixed wireless provider who operate in your area and other providers are also available. Please visit our website to read more about the scheme and to apply

Kind regards
1. AB Internet have visited the village several times and confirmed they cannot provide service due to topography of the area. 2. Satellite internet is sole option (and is expensive). E.g. 100gb per month data = 79.99 per month. Given we have 78 homes here, and all the villages around us have/are been upgraded, we hope OL will find the cash to install a cabinet in the village. Many thanks, DM.
1. First please read my reply above.

2. For your information there is a way of laying fibre by digging up road only (i.e. not going across multiple private properties); last week BT began connecting fibre to a roadside cabinet in Great Steeping, its 2.75 miles down the road from our village. See following image:

I.e. it is 2.75 miles from the existing BT roadside cabinet in Great Steeping at PE23 5PR to land at Irby in the Marsh village hall, PE24 5DQ (roughly 2.75 miles)


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