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Dear OL,

1. Given OL are upgrading EVERY village and hamlet around our village (Irby in the Marsh, postcode PE245DQ) as part of phase 2, surely this will dramatically lower the cost of also upgrading Irby in the Marsh? (as Irby can be bolted onto surrounding network upgrade plans).

2. Please confirm whether or not Irby in the marsh is potentially going to get upgraded using the gain-share funding?


Still waiting for a response to the above comment Onlincolnshire! Please advise!
Good Morning Duncan,

Your postcode is included in the mix for Gainshare funding, but we are still awaiting the output from BT which may or may not have a solution for the postcode. we are expecting the full proposal from BT on 12th October and from there, we will analyse to see whether or not we are happy with it from a value for money and potential coverage perspective.

That's great news Stephen (thank you). FYI we have now logged 88 addresses in Irby in the Marsh across several postcodes (happy to email you the full list via email). They are all on far less than 2mb/p/s. I look forward to seeing what BT come up with in October. Best wishes, Duncan.
Hi Steve/OL, our village is spread across multiple postcodes (88 houses). I understand you have now got new info from BT. Will OL be paying for a cabinet in Irby in the Marsh? Many thanks! Duncan
Good Morning Duncan,

Please accept my sincere apologies. BT was due to provide the details of their latest proposals early last week. Unfortunately, this didn't happen and now they are promised sometime next week.

I can only apologise and assure everyone that we are pressing them to get this to us.

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