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Horbling new PCP9?


I note with interest that BT are now building a brand new fibre cabinet in Horbling.I've managed to get this information from At the moment all residents are connected to PCP1 in neighbouring Billingborough.

When I enter my postcode into your checker, it just says that we aren't in the Phase 2 plans and you are looking at plans to somehow upgrade us to superfast. I was wondering, is this new cabinet PCP9 part of your BDUK roll out?

Also, do you know if I would be automatically transferred from PCP1 in Billingborough to the new one, PCP9, currently being constructed or do I have to ask to be transferred? My current speeds on fibre are about 10Mbps, so being moved to this new one would give me speeds above 24Mpbs. I appreciate this new cabinet won't be live for a good while yet though.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Good Morning Terry,

We are currently considering what can be done in your area and we are working through a set of proposals that arrived from BT this week.

At this point, I am not aware of anything that has been signed off for your area, so I can't say with any degree of certainty what that cabinet is for. I will ask BT.

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your reply.

Can I assume from your reply that this new cabinet, which has just been stood in place this morning, has nothing to do with the BDUK roll out?

If not, I just hope whoever is paying for it, that this PCP will be enabled for fibre.


Did anyone find any information out about this cabinet that was put in place last November?
Is it anything to do with OnLincolnshire or just BT's own commercial roll out?

My line was moved to this new cabinet back in January and the BT Open Reach 'where & when' website have been claiming that we will get fibre within one month since February.

It's PCP 9 (on the Billingborough Exchange)

Do you have any information on this?

That's a resounding NO then...
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