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Irby in the marsh

Dear Onlincolnshire,

I understand you got information from BT last week (after chasing them for months!).

Irby in the Marsh is not included in phase 1 or 2. It has 78 homes spread over 6 postcodes (I have a file with all 78 addresses if required). E.g. postcode PE24 5DQ.

I was just wondering if there is now a chance the village could get a cabinet funded by OL (e.g. due to gainshare/surplus funds)?

Background; the village is larger than many villages that have had a new/upgraded cabinet installed by OL. The village remains on well under 2mbps and is connected to a BT cabinet miles away. That cabinet has been upgraded but because of the distance to the village, we have had no benefit whatsoever and our speed remains well below 2mbps.

Many thanks

Duncan Mckay
Good Morning Duncan,

The postcode you have mentioned is included in the gainshare proposals we have just received.

At this point, we are still considering the proposals and there is still further analysis to be carried out before we declare exactly when and how.

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