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Long sutton cabinet 1

Hi where I live in Gedney (Pe12 0bt) the broadband is very poor. Standard adsl is not even 2mb and the upload nonexistent. Is the anyway of getting a scale of when we will get better speeds? I know that the cabinet we are connected to is cabinet 1 on the long sutton exchange, we live on the other side of the A17 between two exchanges holbech and long sutton. Pe120bt only contains 21 properties 2.5km from the cabinet and I feel like we are a forgotten area especially as we have a school on our road. I don't know if you can help or put us forward for any future plans or schemes. As long range VDSL would be great if we could get it now or something different in the future like putting a new cabinet actually in Gedney. I really am pleading for something to be done. Thank you for anything you can do.

William Foyle
Good Afternoon William

Having looked at your postcode, I'm afraid to say that at this point in time we have no plans to upgrade your postcode.

This could well change as we move forward and look to further improve coverage, so probably worth keeping in touch.

Any news on pe120bt.
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