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Spalding - Cabinet 58


I'm currently connected to the above cabinet, which is fibre enabled but I am only able to get standard broadband as apparently the cabinet has run out of slots. I've contacted BT Openreach to try and find out when the cabinet will be upgraded/have it's capacity increased but talking to BT openreach is like hitting my head against a brick wall multiple times. My internet speed at the moment is a joke, i'm lucky if I get 2.0mbps download speed, which given i have to work from home for work makes that very difficult.

Does anyone have any idea on when and if fibre will be available for the rest of the street?


I’m guessing no one knows anything about this then
Good Morning Adam,

Having looked at BT's 'capacity' report which details cabinet on hold for further upgrade; I cannot see Spalding 58 on this list.

Can you please send me your full address and postcode (in confidence) to my e mail address below and I will look into this further.

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