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Sign Up Percentages by Exchange...,

Can we please have an inkling of these please? After all, the percentage of On Lincolnshire sign ups by exchange should be the key factor in measuring demand for potential suppliers.,
I enquired a little while ago about what the plans were for spending the available funds to improve broadband in Lincolnshire but have had no response. It is interesting to see the latest news about communities which have been upgraded, but where can we find out about future plans? Who makes the decisions on the priorities? How can we lobby them? The process seems very opaque!,
I'd also like to know where buck stops with the project as frankly there has been no real new information has been released in a year.

Partially blaming the EU is all well and good for the delay but we are now nearing the end of 2012 and the project doesn't seem to be going forward at all.,
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