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I don't know if you the staff at On-Lincs have visited any of the other counties websites to see how they compare with the On-Lincs one, but Cambridgeshire's site (Connecting Cambridgeshire) has a very handy Cabinet map. This shows all of the cabinets in every area which are either due for an upgrade, including dates (in white) or have already been upgraded. (in green) This I found to be most informative, and wondered why we in Lincs didn't get this. From what I can see, is that all we get is a list of cabinets that have been upgraded. Can You check out this particular website feature on Connecting Cambrigeshire, and let me know what you think?
Good Morning Michael,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

At this time, there are circa 44 counties engaged in the UK wide programme of work and each county has developed their own websites and methods of getting information out into the public arena.
We feel that providing the facility to residents and businesses to enter their postcode and see which phase (time slot) they fall into covers off the 'Due for an upgrade' element. Unless people know specifically which cabinet they are connected to, mapping doesn't help them. To that end, we also encourage everyone to go through our link to the Wholesale DSL checker which provides this inofrmation.
In terms of exactly when a cabinet is due, BT provide a 6 month slot into to which an implementation phase falls and whilst we have a good idea when a cabinet will go 'Live', things can change that suddenly move these dates out. Examples being the requirement for significant traffic management which falls under the Road and Streetworks Act, duct blockages that require new duct lines etc. On that basis, we quote the 6 month slot and only announce cabinets 'Live' when they with Internet Service Providers as such.
However, we are meeting our colleagues from Cambridgeshire on Friday and we will share learning and good practice with them and others and see what we can do to improve things.

Steve Brookes
Lincolnshire Broadband Programme Manager
Tel. 01522 552450
Mob. 07825 043978
Good afternoon Stephen,
The postcode alone does not always identify the exchange. Even where it does identify the exchange, the postcode does not always identify the route taken by telephone lines.
I live in Welton le Wold, near Louth, just north of the church. Properties to the west of my house receive their telephone lines via the A157 Louth to Wragby road, a distance of 4 km from the street cabinet near the A157/A631 junction. Their broadband service is generally faster than that of properties to the east, including my own. We receive our telephone lines via South Elkington and Boswell crossroads on the A631 Louth to Market Rasen road, a distance of 6 km from the same street cabinet. We receive between 0.25 and 0.5 Mbps.
Instead of postcodes, could we enquirers not enter our telephone numbers? Data from the Open Reach database could then identify not only the exchange but also the route taken and the street cabinet.
Good Afternoon Peter,

Thanks for writing in to us.

I agree that the postcode doesn't present the full picture, but neither does the telephone number. We do encourage everyone (via our website link) to visit the BT Wholesale checker and enter their telephone number. This will then present a set of data which is a pretty accurate idea of speeds you can currently get.
What it doesn't do is give you the actual routing of the feed from cabinet to premises and I agree that the actual route taken doesn't always follow what might seem to be the most logical and shortest route. Many of the ductlines were built many years ago when the physical nature of areas often differed.
That said, the technology we are mainly deploying is Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) and it is fair to say that this technology can be affected by a number of physical factors, distance from the cabinet being the primary one.
On that basis, we are currently looking at alternative technologies to extent the Superfast coverage further into the county and residents with 'Long line lengths' are one of the main issues we are tackling.
In terms of the actual route taken from cabinet to property, for a number of reasons, BT will not share this information with the Public via this site.
We will continue to update the site as things progress.
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