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BT Hub 5 internal modem issues

I have had three Hub 5 from BT in the last few months to try and fix a problem of dropped connections. They have checked the line several times and an Openreach engineer was here for 4 hours testing without finding anything at all.

In the end he left a separate VDSL modem (to connect to the Hub 5 red ethernet port).

Problem solved! The Hub 5 is no longer sluggish via its web interface (when connected to the line via its internal modem the web interface is often slow and unresponsive), broadband has been up solidly with no drop outs. Pages load more quickly.

Having got through three Hub 5s trying to solve the problem, I wonder if the product is just generally bad at VDSL line handing.

We use BT Business Broadband (78Mb) and were getting 5 disconnections per day - each lasting about a minute and a half. Not a disaster, buy annoying and disruptive at times.
Good Morning John,

We are sorry to hear that you have been having these problems, but equally, pleased to see things are now better.

Having said, thanks very much for raising this issue and it will be interesting to see if others are having similar problems and this would then help in finding a solution, although, if it is a common problem, then let's hope BT address it on a more permanent basis.

Please do let us know how things progress from here.

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