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Superfast rollout for Witham on the Hill - Phase 7, when?

Apart from the information readily available on sites such as this, it is a shame that there are no real public updates via daily media such as TV, radio, local paper on project progress.

Witham on the Hill is on the Phase 7 project plan to be implemented by December 2015 subject to possible delays. The school that I currently work for is working on a bonded broadband package with a total of 7.5 Gbps link on a very good day, 1Mbps on not so good. We are patiently waiting on this project timeline without ever really knowing if the deadline will ever be met. Web services and site development is restricted and plans cannot be made without the knowledge of when this superfast service will be actually deployed.

I have a good 8Mbps just for me at home in the town just 7mins away and the promise of a fast reliable link to the village and school is greatly anticipated by home owners and local business alike.

It would be nice if Nick Bowles Conservative MP (who has been following very closely the superfast rollout for south Lincolnshire) could just keep a close eye on progress to ensure the village is not missed out on any early resolves.
Good Morning Steve,

Thanks for taking time to write to us.

With regard to your first comments relating to project progress; whilst the local Press are very supportive of this programme and do an excellent job of reporting and promoting it, placing regular updates on TV, radio and in local papers would attract high costs and this would need to come from the Public Purse. This isn't something we can justify and to that end, we post weekly updates on our website of completions and problem areas. In addition, we receive and respond to numerous enquiries on a weekly basis via our forum and via E Mail, phone etc.

You may have noted that we give each 'Phase' a 6 month timescale and this gives us the flexibility to complete the scheduled cabinets within this period. An attempt to tie down the circa 100 cabinets per quarter to very specific dates is totally impractical, as many things can affect delivery date, such as duct blockages, power supply issues and railway crossings, all of which are unforeseen issues and can vary the amount of time taken to complete.

With regard to Witham On The Hill, as you correctly observe, this area is due in Phase 7, so between now and 31st December. We have 2 x cabinets off Witham On The Hill in this programme and the first is in situ and has a power supply. It now requires both copper and fibre cables to be connected and the second cabinet is due to be placed shortly. As soon as each goes 'Live' we will update our website which we do every Friday afternoon.


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