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Exchange Upgrades, observations, et al


A few quick questions if I may.

Having read a great many threads and individual posts and not finding what I was looking I thought I would ask the questions here. Forgive me if they are answered elsewhere and feel free to point me, by URL, to the correct location.

Are there any plans at all to “upgrade” the Scremby (EMSCREM) BT exchange? I ask as for many MUX 1 was down last week for over 12 hours and previously to that I have had 5 Openreach engineers visit me only to all point at the exchange as being the issue of the problems I faced.

What are the criteria for “upgrading” an exchange? I have checked the lists and randomly surveyed a number of exchanges and it is clearly not just on the number of properties and businesses connected to the exchange. Which is refreshing.

Any idea what BT do with all the ADSL2+ kit they remove from exchanges upgraded to fibre? Would seem a fairly cheap upgrade to exchanges that are limited to pure ADSL. Yes I understand the line length, signal degradation and so on issues. In my personal case it would more than double the speed I receive and that of my neighbours.

Many thanks for all the hard work that you all point in to helping those in need of some broadband speed.
Good Morning David,

Thanks for taking time to write to us.

Hopefully, I can provide the answers you require below.

There are no plans to upgrade Scremsby Exchange itself under this programme, but in our Phase 2 deployment, we will be looking to tackle a significant proportion of lines that are currently directly fed from the Exchange (EO Lines).

Not sure what BT look at when they decide to upgrade to ADSL2+, but we do not get involved in that aspect of their planning. I'm guessing if they are planning to upgrade EO lines in Phase 2, this will be seen by them as 'upgrading' that area.


Thank You Steve
Hi David,

I can't see Openreach doing anything with their ADSL2 kit in exchanges. Sadly the presence of FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) doesn't mean we all benefit and so a number of people will remain on ADSL2 for a long time (5-10 years?) to come.

Cheers, Ben
BT should have applied to change the rules regarding removing equipment., currently if they remove equipment from a exchange or cabinet they arent allowed to use it again if they had asked for the change they could have removed the equipment and installed in rural places offering a much needed speed up with no layout cost but they didnt so that equipment is just thrown away and never used again
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