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Exchange only line

Hello All, I have been informed that the exchange I am on has been upgraded but because I am over 5 miles from the exchange, on an exchange only line, I cannot get upgraded. I am currently getting between 0.12Mbps 0.25Mbps so not even half of 1Mbps! I am just wondering what happens next if the line I am on has been upgraded and I can't get any broadband not to mention super fast broadband.
I have received a reply back from OnLincolnshire and it has been suggested that I investigate satellite broadband. I have started to investigate this and will let everyone know in this form how I get on.
Reading about satellite connections the only concerns I have so far are 1. the costs and 2. I plan to use the connection for remote working and I could experience issues with VPN connections. The cap on download limits is also a concern but not a major one.
Hi Seamus,

I live near you just outside Carlby and am in a similar situation. Be careful with satellite, I had an AVonline Eutel Sat install for three months in 2013. In the end I gave up because the download limits, speeds/throttling and latency were simply too problematic for it to be a viable solution. I too work from home and use VPN.

If you can get 3G/4G signal on either Three or EE then I recommend using the mobile network as your main Internet connection.

Get in touch with me privately if you'd like to talk more. Search for my name on LinkedIn.

Regards, Ben Haines
Hello Ben, thanks for getting in touch. The more I have looked into satellite broadband the more issues I am finding, especially in the way I would like to use it. I have setup mobile broadband for now, not exactly 4G but 3G is a lot better than my current broadband so it is looking like I may have to continue to use a mixture of slow fixed line broadband along side a mobile network.
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