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Steve Brooks

2 years ago I contacted Steve regarding the speed of internet in my area to find out what onlincs were doing at that time i had 5 meg but Steve did say we were down for the fttc rollout this came about 18 months ago and increased my speed from5 to between 15 and 20 meg depending on the day today I have just had BT Openreach install my fttp and im now getting speeds of 310meg Steve you have a excellent team and a excellent strategy for the roll out but like other i was inpatient today we have future proof internet with the fibre installed capable to get speeds up to 10gig per second but can only have 300 as thats bt limit in the exchanges.

Steve Im the first int he area to have it i was told so there is a expensive bottle of scotch on its way to you after the new year thanks again this is amazoing
Good Morning Tim,

A Happy New Year to you and many thanks from all the Team for your very kind comments.

I can only apologise for the time taken to get to this point, but it sounds like all is now good.

Thank you very much for your patience.

Good Luck,


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