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Join Onlincolnshire at the Lincolnshire Show

14th June 2013
Join Onlincolnshire at the Lincolnshire Show

The Onlincolnshire team is getting ready for the Lincolnshire Show on June 19 and 20, where you’ll be able to find out about the latest broadband developments in your area.

Onlincolnshire will be in the Select Lincolnshire for Business tent along with Business Lincolnshire, Invest Lincolnshire, Sustain Lincolnshire, Procurement Lincolnshire, and local businesses such as Clydesdale Bank, Hodgson Elkington and Siemens.

The Onlincolnshire team will be on hand to explain how the latest digital technology can enrich their lives and how with faster broadband they can communicate more efficiently, as well as enjoy a range of digital services, from films and music on demand to online health services.

Earlier this year, Lincolnshire County Council signed a £48 million public and private sector money contract with BT to provide superfast broadband infrastructure to almost 90% of county properties by 2016.

BT will build on the existing telecoms infrastructure in the county so that at least 88% of all properties should have access to superfast broadband by April 2016, with the council aiming for everyone else to have access to at least of 2Mbps broadband.

The Onlincolnshire team will also be on hand at the Lincolnshire Show so that visitors from across the county can find out when work to install superfast broadband will begin in their area.

Superfast broadband refers to speeds of 24Mbps and above, over two and a half times quicker than the current UK average of 9Mbps.

So if you’re joining the spectacular Lincolnshire Show next week, please do come along to see us and get more information about superfast broadband deployment across the county. Our tent location is DZ10.