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On-board WiFi gets improved on London-bound trains

7th November 2014
On-board WiFi gets improved on London-bound trains

Journeys to and from London on East Midlands Trains will benefit from an upgraded broadband service which aims to reduce the number of “black spots” on route.

The £200,000 investment means that there will be a more reliable broadband service for thousands of travellers.

The new WiFi has come with some charges. Three hours of WiFi will be charged at £4 but someone who is only in London for the day will be able to get a daily rate at £6, £1.50 less than the old fees.

Customer Service and Commercial Director at East Midlands Trains, Neil Micklethwaite said: “This £200,000 investment ensures our passengers can continue to enjoy the latest technology, including 4G, providing a better and more reliable WiFi on our London service.”

The company has confirmed that first class customers will continue to benefit from free WiFi.

The broadband works differently to the home WiFi as it is dependent upon both 3G and 4G signals. Even though the WiFi has been improved, East Midlands trains are still requesting that customers avoid streaming videos through YouTube or on demand services such as BBC iPlayer and Sky Go or stream music through software like Spotify. They have also requested that customers do not use the WiFi for video chat or voice calls.

Nomad Digital’s General Manager, Jean-Philippe Tissot, said: “Nomad is proud to have completed the passenger WiFi upgrade for East Midlands Trains, a service which has never been in higher demand by its customers.”