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Phase 2 Delay update

19th April 2016

Phase 2 Update:

Please accept our apologies for the ongoing delay in publishing the details of our intended Phase 2 deployment. We had originally sent back BT's initial deployment plan with a number of queries and at the same time asked them to start looking at additional work in some of the areas, that we know are in need of further upgrades. These areas form a small part of a larger number of areas where we will continue to explore options for further improvements.

These requests ere sent back in November of 2015 and to date, BT are unable to provide us with a final deployment plan, despite numerous promises that we would have been in receipt by now. We will continue to press them for the revised plan and as soon as we are in receipt and have approved it, we will release detail.


UPDATE 20/04/2016 - the team have now had contractual information relating to the phase 2 plan through from BT and are working through this to ensure that it provides the best value for Lincolnshire