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UK broadband ranked in global top 10

21st June 2013
UK broadband ranked in global top 10

A new report has ranked UK broadband among the top 10 networks in the world, mainly thanks to widespread access and a fast-growing market.

In the annual Global Information Technology Report, the World Economic Forum measured the quality of internet access as well as the range of technology deployed in 144 countries where the study was undertaken.

The first in the study in Finland, followed by Singapore, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland, with the UK ranked 7th, the biggest rank improvement among the top
 10 economies.

The research says the UK has high levels of ICT adoption. ICTs
are pervasive among the population, businesses, and the government. Yet in all these categories, it is almost systematically outperformed by the Nordics, the Asian Tigers, or both, signaling room for improvement.

UK was among the best when it comes to ICT impacts, ranking 4th and 14th in terms of social and economic impacts, respectively.

Most noticeably, the UK ranks 1st for the role of ICTs in giving rise to new organizational models and 2nd for the impact of ICTs in creating new services and products, which highlights the importance of ICTs for innovation in service-based economies.

The study also found that, from rural areas, such as Norfolk and Suffolk, through towns and cities to the capital, fiber broadband could lead to the creation of jobs through business startups and improved business performance.

As Europe and the wider developed world attempts to emerge from the recent financial crisis and downturn, such growth will be vital, the study concluded.