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West Lindsey aim to provide 100% broadband coverage across district

9th July 2014
West Lindsey aim to provide 100% broadband coverage across district

West Lindsey District Council has teamed up with Quickline Communications to provide 100% coverage of super-fast internet access across the entire district.

The council is providing Quickline with a £500,000 commercial loan to provide Wi-Max broadband in West Lindsey. The investment will help fund transmission equipment and the upgrade of the fibre optic supply to the network, as well marketing and the employment of installation engineers.

The technology used by Quickline will mean that masts are used to transmit the signal to houses and businesses, where possible securing at least two sources of transmission in case one becomes obstructed or requires maintenance.

mesh network

The project will be delivered in three phases. The first will be to install the technology required to deliver super-fast broadband across the district. Phase two includes a business communication and marketing programme to engage residents and businesses and develop the customer base. Phase three will deliver further market penetration and expanded customer base. 

The Government recognised rural areas needed extra help and created the Broadband UK (BDUK) initiative which is rolling out traditional technologies into rural areas.  

West Lindsey District Council chief executive Manjeet Gill said: “The recognition that super-fast broadband was needed today as an essential fourth utility for residents and businesses was important. But whilst we welcome BDUK it was not fast enough, soon enough or covering 100% of our district. So we used our entrepreneurial council mindset to create a local solution for what was possible.”

The authority explored alternative technologies and through this process Quickline communications both expressed the interest and were successful in reaching agreement with the council.

Council Leader Jeff Summers said: “West Lindsey District Council’s commercial initiative will result in the creation of jobs. But more significantly, the council’s investment will make the creation of virtual businesses and digital villages in the beautiful Lincolnshire wolds even more attractive."