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The Broadband World this Week - Week 32

8th August 2014
 The Broadband World this Week - Week 32

This week, find out more precisely if superfast broadband has reached your cabinet, a boost for 4G too, and how quicker mobile broadband can save you an hour a day.

New, better postcode checker

BT Openreach has doubled the information provided by its superfast broadband postcode checker. Previously the Superfast Openreach website would only tell visitors if their local telephone exchange had been fibre-enabled.

Openreach is now trialling an updated version of the checker, which provides information about the street cabinet or cabinets that serve a postcode.

See the new Postcode Checker

Ofcom report reveals boost for superfast broadband and 4G

Availability of superfast broadband connections and 4G services has increased rapidly this year, according to Ofcom’s Communications Market 2014 report.

The report revealed that the number of superfast broadband connections over next-generation access (NGA) networks grew by 58% to 6.1 million premises during the first quarter of 2014, and the proportion of connections classed as superfast grew by 9.2% to 26.7% over the same period.

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4G means you get more done at work and gives you more to play, says EE

According to the latest EE Mobile Living Index, which analyses mobile internet use and identifies trends in it, found that the amount of time people spend using mobile internet is much the same as it was this time last year, but people are doing a lot more in that time. The average amount of data used per customer, for example, has increased by 66%.

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