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5G will be 395 times faster than broadband

4th July 2014
5G will be 395 times faster than broadband

Telecoms gear maker Ericsson has showcased tests for new 5G mobile technology capable of reaching speeds 250 times faster than current 4G, and up to 395 times quicker than broadband.

Ericsson said this week that its tests in June achieved connection speeds of 5 gigabits per second — 5,800 Mbps — over the air via its 5G wireless technology.

Such speeds would be beneficial for smartphones and also for cars, medical equipment, and other devices in the future, and allow for smooth streaking 4K videos (at four time the full HD resolution).

However, there will be some time until the technology matures enough to reach commercial deployment, which is not expected until at least 2020.

Watch this video demo and explainer about the 5G tests: