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Consumers expecting more from mobile broadband performance

29th August 2014
Consumers expecting more from mobile broadband performance

Consumers are expecting more from the mobile broadband experience provided by their chosen operators, according to new research from Vasona Networks.

These insights come from Vasona Networks’ annual survey of smartphone owners, which reveals notable increases in mobile performance expectations over 2013:

  • The importance of mobile Internet performance when choosing a service provider rose from 29% in 2013 to 32% this year
  • Expectations of “good mobile data performance all of the time” rose from 64% to 72%; and
  • Respondents who hold their mobile operator most responsible when apps don’t function properly rose from 40% to 55%

Despite the high expectations, consumers expressed confidence in their selections of mobile network operators. 

42% indicated that they would recommend their service provider to a friend seeking great broadband performance versus 9% who would specifically suggest not using their existing provider. The remaining 49% were ambivalent.

“As mobile operators expand 4G service, consumers are setting a high bar for broadband performance,” said John Reister, vice president of marketing and product management for Vasona Networks. “

Significant efforts and investments are being made, but heavy network congestion still persists, making subscriber satisfaction a constantly moving target. This year’s survey from Vasona Networks indicates that the race to deliver the best mobile broadband experience is far from over as demand for better service keeps growing.”

Vasona Networks, which provides traffic management and visibility platforms for mobile networks, conducted the survey online August 7 -11. The questions were fielded by 1,111 online consumers who indicated that they use a smartphone with a mobile data plan.

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