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Ofcom are looking for volunteers

18th July 2016
Ofcom are looking for volunteers

Do you have broadband and live in a rural area? If so, Ofcom would like you to help them understand some of the issues facing rural broadband customers. Over the past eight years thousands of volunteers have helped Ofcom carry out in-depth research into the performance of home broadband across the UK. They are now expanding this research and particularly want to sign-up rural broadband users so that we can find out more about their experiences.

How to take part

You can register your interest at this address  If you’re selected, Ofcoms technical partner SamKnows will send you a monitoring unit to connect to your broadband router. This will measure the performance of your internet connection and you will be able to view your results. The performance of your broadband won’t be affected as tests are only carried out when your broadband is not in use. The unit also does not monitor what you use your broadband for. They plan to report on the findings of this research in our annual Connected Nations report and UK Home Broadband Performance report.