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The Broadband World This Week - Week 22

31st May 2013

This week, £2 per month broadband deals are probably too good to be true, the Mablethorpe digital hub will teach businesses to make their own apps, and BT is ditching Yahoo for its mail services.

Too good to be true: Broadband for £1.95 per month

Tesco introduced a low-price broadband offer for £1.95 per month, as long as you take the homephone product from the same company, which is £14.90 per month.

But Direct Save Telecom will also launch a rival deal costing just £1.95 a month, yet still the line rental will cost you £14.95 per month or £9.95 if paid one year upfront, along with a start-up £24.95 fee.

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Learn to make apps in Mablethorpe

Creating a mobile app might sound like something only a technology whiz could do – but businesses will soon be able to take on the challenge themselves thanks to a free course from Onlincolnshire.

The workshop, Creating a Simple Mobile App, on Friday, June 7 at the Coastal Centre on Victoria Road in Mablethorpe between 1pm and 4pm, will help costal businesses become more digitally savvy and avoid being left behind by other companies which have better access to the internet.

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BT revamping broadband customers’ email

BT will replace Yahoo! Mail for its email platform for broadband customers, which will be switched to a new service called BT Mail. This will be accessed through BT’s website, which is also getting a makeover.

During the summer, the BT Yahoo! Mail platform will close to new customers, but existing users will still be able to access their account through BT's website.