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The Broadband World this Week - Week 27

4th July 2014

This week, speed rankings name Virgin the top broadband provider, while one in five popular websites are blocked by content filters and £10m is being spent on finding out the cost of getting superfast broadband to the final 5%.

Speed test ranks UK broadband providers

Virgin Media has the UK's fastest broadband speeds, providing twice the speeds of its nearest competitor, according to ranking stats released this week. Speed testing service Ookla found Virgin Media achieved average download speeds of 52.98Mbps during June 2014, up from 49.26Mbps during the previous month and more than double the 25.27Mbps average achieved by its main rival BT.

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One in five top websites blocked by providers’ content filters

Tried to go to a popular website, only to find your provider's blocked it? You're not alone, it seems. A new report by digital rights campaigners says around one-fifth of legitimate websites are blocked by broadband providers’ or mobile networks’ content filters.

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£10m spend to find out real cost of getting superfast broadband to final 5%

Eight projects currently sharing the £10m innovation fund will be used to assess how much money will be needed to give that final 5% of the country a superfast broadband solution, Edward Vaizey, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has indicated in response to a question by Julie Hilling the MP for Bolton West.

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