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The Broadband World this Week - Week 34

22nd August 2014
The Broadband World this Week - Week 34

This week, Virgin Media is increasing the price of broadband without a phone line, the East Midlands get a cyber threat sharing node, and a look at how the cloud revolution is changing IT.

Virgin Media increases price of broadband without a phone line

The cost of Virgin Media broadband-only packages is going up by £1.50 a month in October. The increase affects those who take broadband without phone or TV, and who started a contract before 29 May this year. 

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East Midlands gets cyber threat sharing node

The East Midlands has launched the first regional node of the government’s Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP) that was set up in March 2013. The CISP uses a dedicated, online collaboration environment to allow government and industry members to share cyber threat and vulnerability information.

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How the cloud revolution is changing IT

The rapid rise of cloud-based services is revolutionising not only how organisations are handling their technology infrastructure and operations, but also permanently altering the role of information technology and those who work within it. IT professionals are using the current upheaval to define new roles, to explore new territories, and to push their organisations in new directions.

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