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The Broadband World this Week - Week 42

17th October 2014
The Broadband World this Week - Week 42

This week, faster 4G mobile broadband is on its way, a study finds 25Mbps is enough for most households, and Google might have found a wireless alternative to fibre.

Faster 4G mobile broadband speeds for the UK

EE and Vodafone customers will soon get faster 4G mobile broadband in certain locations within weeks. The two operators will be using LTE-Advanced technology, which could provide up to 300Mb mobile broadband download speeds. Vodafone will be using spectrum in both 800Mhz and 2.6Hz to deliver their superfast service and EE will use 1800Mhz and 2.6Hz.

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Households in 2014 need 25Mbps broadband or less

A poll of a group of leading members of the telecoms industry showed that more than a third thought the broadband speed households actually need in 2014 is just 25Mbps. According to the survey, 2% said homes need speeds of up to 500Mbps, with only 4% saying up to 1Gbps was necessary.


Google trials could create wireless alternative to fibre

Google will hold spectrum trials in California to determine whether the company can offer superfast broadband comparable to its fibre service in the US without the need to lay physical cables. Connections require a direct line of sight, but in theory, the use of multiple transmitters on top of buildings could work just as well as fibre.

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