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UK airlines approve passenger mobile phone use

31st October 2014
UK airlines approve passenger mobile phone use

Travellers on two of the UK’s biggest airlines will now be able to use their Wi-Fi enabled devices throughout the duration of the flight thanks to new regulations.

Thomas Cook and Monarch passengers can use their smartphones and tablets continuously during a flight, including take-off and landing, which was prohibited before. Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic are also offering on-board Wi-Fi connectivity for personal devices. This approval allows passengers to use smartphones and tablets in 'flight mode’ only.

The move follows the new European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) guidelines to permit mobile use through all stages of flight. Before travellers could only use their devices before and after take-off. Airlines can also ask for approval for devices to be used in normal transmitting mode, but the they have to prove their aircraft will not be affected.

Passengers will still be asked to remove headphones during the safety announcements and demonstration. Larger electronic devices which could lead to injuries, such as laptops, will need to be stored for take-off and landing.

Tim Williamson, Monarch’s Director of Customer Experience and Marketing, said: “We appreciate that our customers are increasingly travelling with a number of electronic devices such as eBook readers, tablets and smartphones so this will be very welcome news for them.”