Phase 3 rollout announcement

Lincolnshire County Council has now signed an agreement with BT to enter into a third phase of the Lincolnshire Broadband Programme. The main phase, ‘Phase 1’ was successfully completed on 31st March 2016 and we are currently working in ‘Phase 2’ with a completion date of 31st December 2017, although we are optimistic that this phase will finish slightly sooner.
Phase 3 will provide faster broadband to over 9000 additional premises across the county, of which 97% will be in areas designated ‘Rural’ or ‘Very Rural’.
The timescale for Phase 3 is a start date of Autumn 2017 and a finish date of December 2019. These timescales align to Government aspirations as we attempt to push Superfast broadband coverage up to 97% of the county.
We have included five District Maps that outline the rollout of Phase 3. There are no maps for either West Lindsey or Lincoln City. The latter will have no further build under Phase 3.
Note: The maps are for ‘indication only’ and highlight postcodes where we will either fully or partially build in Phase 3. For a more accurate view of what is planned for your postcode, we would advise checking the attached spreadsheets. All of the ‘build’ post codes for phase 3 are listed there; ‘Partial’ build indicates that we will only complete some of postcode, this may well be because the other part of the postcode is already upgraded. The ‘Build’ category indicates full upgrade of the postcode.
Please note: Operational issues and difficulties can occasionally mean that to upgrade a specific area may incur unforeseen additional costs or time delays and on that basis, we reserve the right to either hold the build as we seek an alternative method, or remove the postcode (s) from the programme where no viable alternative can be found. Additionally, because of the greater percentage of Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) and ‘Copper rearrangement’ being deployed in Phase 3 and the associated potential complexities, we will not specify an exact deployment date.
We will be happy to take enquiries as normal via our onlincolnshire contact form
Finally, we are still looking at how best to utilise remaining funding and we will add any future additional deployments to this site.